Mindset Indicator Monitor

Culture Change and Transformation.

The Mindset Monitor Indicator™ informs an organisation how open the workforce are to change and transformation. It; 

  • Pinpoints exactly where the resistance/noise will come from
  • Identifies potential detractors of any transformation or change
  • Enables bespoke interventions to the necessary areas
  • Strengthens strategic planning to tip the balance in favour of successful execution
  • Shows where the change leaders are at all levels of the organisation, those who will help drive change
  • Forms the foundational element of our 'Culture Audit Report'

Re-organisation & Organisational Development.

The people remaining after a re-organisation create the new culture. The Mindset Indicator insight enables an organisation to make informed decisions about the future workforce. It 

  • Selects the workforce with an open mind-set, those ready to positively engage with changes
  • Creates an agile, willing and able future workforce
  • Shapes the future workforce with the best available talent
  • Informs and optimises the success of an organisations target operating model

Uncovering potential: talent and future proofing.

The insight gained using the Mindset Monitor Indicator™ can identify, within minutes, potential ‘Talent’. It:

  • Finds hidden talent in your organisation
  • Develops the future talent creating loyalty and trust
  • Reduces costs via less head-hunting fees to attract talent

Benchmarking for High-Performing Teams.

The insight gathered enables organisations to replicate high-performing teams throughout the organisation. It 

  • Makes transparent the mindset and attitude of your highest performing teams
  • Replicates the winning formula throughout the organisation
  • Drives performance with mindset benchmarking leagues tables
  • Highlights personnel to create better balanced teams

Design interventions that hit the mark.

Using the Mindset Indicator insight our team of experts can design the most effective targeted and necessary interventions that will facilitate a step-change.

Create bespoke interventions that avoid the mass market, sheep-dip, one-size fits all approach.

Transform the most stuck and institutionalised individuals.

Enable the delivery of a successful transformation/ culture change at individual, team and organizational level.

Recruitment Benchmarking.

Using the Mindset Monitor Indicator™, an organisation can quickly analyse the mindset of a potential candidate ensuring that they fit the desired mindset and attitude, thereby reducing costly mistakes. This: 

  • Reduces costly recruitment mistakes
  • Increases productivity: employing the right person
  • Strengthens brand value within the local community due to reduced attrition
  • Saves times, money and resources within the recruitment process – getting it right, first time – more times

Personal Development

Having this insight ensures the business can develop an individual through their personal development plan. Investing in your peoples individual development is a powerful contributor in creating a high performing culture. A business can increase its productivity through developing each individual.  Masters From – To coaching methodology will; 

  • Develop and grow in line with their goals and aspirations
  • Increase their flexibility in attitude, outlook and behaviors
  • Facilitate higher levels of self awareness, and consciousness

Produce people who are more mindful of their impact and personal growth strategies